Embrace unity as a way of life.

 NAtional mall peace march


The purpose of the 2027 National Mall Peace March is to model the type of collaboration and unity we want to see in our government and the world orchestrated in a spirit of love for humanity.

The goal of the Peace March is to break down barriers, connect people across communities and cultures, and amplify the message that We Are All One and believe in the right to live and co-create in a world of harmony and dignity without fear, violence, disease, war or retribution.

This event will offer access to a wealth of healing and peace offerings from around the world that contribute to human evolution, as well as the ability to commune with and heal our earth and all its inhabitants.

Through this event your business and or organization will have the opportunity to market your products and services to individuals deeply aligned with the mission of bringing greater peace to our world.

The National Mall Peace March is a Landmark Event for sharing, discovery and genuine connection. Participating vendors will enjoy access to networking, collaboration and exclusive post-event opportunities such as studio classes, workshops and training specific to peace building, health and wellbeing.

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