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Workshop Facilitator: Taneisha Moss, MS, LPC
Time: Saturdays, 1PM-3PM
Location: Online
Format: Small group; limited to 8 people.

Cost: $99 per person.
Pre-Screening Form: Required to ensure the that you are a good fit for the workshop.

Struggling with painful periods, back pain, fertility issues, stiff hip flexors, lack of sexual desire, or lack of creativity? The Sacral Chakra Seminar is a restorative way to open and unblock the sacral chakra. The movement and breathwork provided can help you heal.

This class will focus on opening the sacral chakra through hip based and lower body movements unleashing the sexual, fertile, creative and flexible energy of the sacral chakra, all while reducing pain and inflammation within the body.

The workshop will cover:
  • Stretching and Breathing Fundamentals
  • Light Conditioning (while educating participants on the particular chakra of focus)
  • Chakra Work (movement dedicated to opening up the chakra of focus)
  • Cool Down, Fundamentals of Breathing And Sound Bath

Sacral Chakra Seminar

$99/per person