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Expert-led support groups, studio classes, and workshops specific to maternal health and wellness.

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Relieving stress has emerged as an important issue to improve health and quality of life. Interest in nature-based therapy is increasing because having contact with nature can relieve stress with a positive psychophysiological effect. Many studies have reported the positive effect of natural environments on maternal health. Sessions are designed to provide a natural space where you learn to acknowledge, track and center your body’s somatic awareness, cultivate presence, learn self-regulation, and practice inner cultivation. Nature therapy supports women in listening to natural wisdom and transforming their inner landscape.

A Typical Nature Therapy Session Includes:
  • Guided meditations, somatic exercises, and practices for inner cultivation.
  • Experiential, interactive, and nature-based healing approaches.
  • Process-centered space that supports and empowers you to be with what is present in your current experience.
  • Tools, skills, practices and new embodiments that facilitate awareness, attunement and regulation.
  • Earth bonding and nature-healing experiences.

Nature Therapy Setting
Sessions may occur in nature settings near our office complex or in Piedmont Park. Offered seasonally during the Spring and Summer months.

Sunrise Nature Therapy
Watch the sun rise over Midtown Atlanta as you begin your day on a passage in the natural settings of Piedmont Park. Guests will start and end their walk with a series of light stretches and a mindfulness meditation followed by organic tea to refresh and replenish the body. Sunrise sessions are geared towards enjoying the journey at a pleasant pace, using all of your senses to explore nature in a new way.

- Sharon L.

"Lé Epanoui helped me to fully embrace this season of life and trust my inner resilience. I am emotionally stronger and more prepared for life in general. My partner and I received phenomenal care and attention. The kind that every woman needs, wants and deserves."

"Joie de Vivre helped me fully embrace this season of life."

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- Kisha R.

"Le Epanoui's strong belief in the dignity of the maternal experience encouraged me to review my birth experience more encompassing light. I received careful, thoughtful guidance and amazing community support throughout. I highly recommend their services."

"My experience meant everything to me."

- Chloe M.

"When I booked my first appointment, I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted answers and strategies, but what I got was so much more. I joined a community of women who shared my experiences and the compassionate approach helped to dispel any shame I felt. I was eventually able to step into a better life for me and those I care about."

"I recommend Lé Epanoui for all mothers to be."