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Lé Epanoui offers comprehensive counseling and therapeutic services for women and their partners. From fertility or perinatal to postpartum mental health - we treat the whole individual mind, body, and spirit. Our approach is highly integrative and informed by holistic and evidence-based healing practices that educate and support our clients in navigating the complex physical and emotional experiences that are a part of navigating parenthood. 

Whether you are trying to conceive, preparing for the arrival of your newest family member or adjusting to a new normal, we are here to support you through personalized care and lifestyle planning. The challenges that come with conception, pregnancy, and postpartum experiences can lead to emotional distress and a variety of feelings such as frustration, loneliness, anger, anxiety, and despair.

Our goal is to help you develop the mental fortitude needed to embrace your life and provide a safe and compassionate space for the open, honest, and empathic discussion of those emotions. We believe that you are capable of moving forward and together we will take your chosen path towards greater health and wellness.

Maternal Mental Health

Get the Counseling and Support You Need

The desire to feel connected to our body and sexuality is a natural emotion, yet many women are overwhelmed by the physical changes to their body and sexual challenges brought on the reproductive period. 

We help women and couples develop positive anticipation and realistic expectations, growing their capacity to give and to receive, explore their past sexual history, and gain knowledge and skills to have more emotional and physical sexual satisfaction in the present and future. Our goal is to assist you in transforming of your sexual relationship to a more positive and pleasure-focused sexual experience.

We'll begin by discussing your sexual relationship and take actionable steps towards restoring and enhancing sexual connection.  It is possible to experience amazing intimacy and pleasure and we are here guide you.

Sex, Pregnancy & Postpartum

Let's talk about sex, baby

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders or PMADs encompass the full spectrum of conditions that pregnant and postpartum women can develop. PMADs often present in a number of ways depending on the predominating set of symptoms​ and​ include a range of emotional disorders, such as, major depression, generalized anxiety, OCD, panic disorder, and PTSD​.

There are many reasons PMADs occur, and often are caused by changes in biology, physiology, lack of sleep, transition in identity and expectations of parenthood versus the reality of a new baby. 

You may feel desperately alone and deeply ashamed if you are experiencing PMAD symptoms, especially ones that are less talked about like rage or intrusive thoughts. While the onset of these symptoms may be gradual or sudden, they should not be ignored.

Symptoms left untreated can cause suffering for many months or years. Therapeutic treatment and care can prevent a worsening of symptoms and there is hope for healing.  You can fully recover.

Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders

adjusting to a new role and identity

It’s common for women and couples who have experienced reproductive loss to experience a range of emotions, including isolation, fear, anger, sadness, guilt, or grief. Though well-meaning, your partner, friends or family members may not know how to comfort you or help you express your grief. Whether your loss occurred early or late in your pregnancy, or during and after birth, your feelings are real and valid. 

Reproductive loss can cause you to question your body, your identity, your faith, and your hopes and dreams. There is no right or wrong way to feel during this time. Everyone grieves and heals differently, even among partners.

Our team at Lé Epanoui you will find compassion, support, and guidance throughout this complicated process. We also work with women and couples to increase understanding around different coping styles so that healing can be approached in a mutually supportive and collaborative manner.

Stillbirth, Miscarriage, & Loss

finding hope through grief

One of the dreams many couples have is to become parents together. For one in eight couples, however, getting or staying pregnant will be filled with challenges. Few couples expect to experience infertility or pregnancy loss, yet these experiences can greatly strain a couple’s relationship. 

Partners may also be overwhelmed with grief and feelings of guilt, anger, or hopelessness. In moments like this, it is not unusual for communication and intimacy to break down. This on top of external issues that may not be addressed, like differing family dynamics, mental health issues and unexpected life events can feel overwhelming.
Couples counseling gives partners the opportunity to improve communication, strengthen intimacy, deal effectively with conflict and navigate decisions. It is important to be each other’s best friend. A strong foundation of friendship protects your relationship from potential future issues of disconnecting from each other, loneliness or isolation.    

With couples counseling, you and your partner will be able to identify present issues in your relationship and discover healthy, productive methods of communication and dealing with them in order to help your relationship flourish.

Marriage & Couples Counseling

buidling lasting love and intimacy

Most parents envision having an uneventful pregnancy and a healthy, full-term baby. Sometimes, however, babies are born early, or with serious medical issues. When this happens, parents can experience significant grief, trauma and distress. Parents who have experienced birth trauma commonly deal with things like sadness, trouble concentrating, difficulty finding joy in activities they once enjoyed, and emotionally bonding with their infants. 

This type of trauma can be classified as a negative outcome, such as a postpartum hemorrhage, newborn intensive care unit (NICU) experience, or general psychological distress during the birthing experience. The response can be intense feelings of stress, anxiety, helplessness and loss of control.

Our staff at Lé Epanoui are specially trained to treat trauma, postpartum distress, and other concerns associated with having a premature or sick baby. We help parents recover and heal, so that they can focus on their family.

Traumatic Birth Experience

recovery from trauma

Like many people, you want to parent. You assumed conceiving and having a baby would be a natural, problem-free process. But this hasn’t been your experience. Receiving an infertility diagnosis or realizing that getting pregnant will be difficult for you can be extremely stressful. You may feel that your sense of identity and life dreams have been taken away from you.

It’s natural to have high levels of stress or anxiety as you face complicated medical procedures, difficult decisions, and the uncertainty of infertility treatments. Feelings of grief and depression from repeated fertility trials and cycles of hope and disappointment are normal.

Lé Epanoui provides a safe and supportive space for you to work through your emotions. Through our work together, you will be able to share your experience, address difficult issues, explore your feelings, and make important decisions.

You will also learn specific strategies, tools, and mind-body techniques to help you manage the stress and anxiety you are experiencing. The end result being a more more resilient and better quality of life.

Infertility & Reproductive Health


The journey to motherhood for same-sex couples is multilayered and complex due to the challenges of becoming pregnant and coping with standards of heteronormativity. For many women this dynamic amplifies psychological and physical vulnerability.

Lé Epanoui offers LGBTQ singles and couples a climate of warm support and encouragement as they navigate the world of maternity. We are here to help you work through the challenges women and their partners face during the transition period from fertility to parenthood, including the impact homophobia, discrimination, and unequal treatment in healthcare on perinatal, childbirth, and postpartum wellbeing.

Our goal is to promote awareness about issues personal to LGBTQ people in maternity and meet you where you on your personal journey. We are here to challenge the established norms of human reproduction and the traditional notion of family while taking positive steps towards creating a more inclusive healthcare system.

Same-Sex Couples


Lé Epanoui dedicated to helping women live happier more fulfilling lives through therapeutic services that support the health of the mind and body to bring growth and healing. We practice a holistic approach to health and wellness and look at how all areas of your life are connected.

Our focus is for you to experience a transformation of mind, body, and spirit during your time with us and leave a different person; energized and excited to embrace your life ahead. 

We specialize in women-specific counseling and integrative services including: nutrition, yoga, nature therapy, biofeedback, and mindfulness meditation.

Our individual services assist in providing guidance and encouragement in gaining the strength and clarity needed to cope with daily challenges. We want to help you to make decisions with confidence, to heal emotionally, and to thrive in your career and relationships.

Individualized services provide an opportunity for women to take a deeper look at what is meaningful for them. Through therapy, women become more self-aware and empowered. They are better able to understand what is truly important and set goals accordingly.

Women's Therapy & Wellness

Our passion is helping women lead their best lives

Our passion is helping women lead their best lives

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It is hard to predict the exact length of time it will take for you to meet your goals. While brief treatment may be appropriate for some issues, others may require more extensive treatment. Concerns are improved or resolved at different time lengths.


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