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Rachel is personally fulfilled by the work that she does because she’s able to help her clients make positive and long lasting changes. Rachel loves teaching, and wants to ensure a longer, healthier, and better life for everyone she serves.

Rachel attended Emory University in Atlanta, where she majored in business. Rachel decided to pursue her passion for food, nutrition, and health and earned her graduate degree in Community Nutrition from Georgia State University.

After graduation, Rachel spent six years as the dietitian for Northside Hospital’s Weight Reduction Clinic. While at Northside, Rachel developed a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) nutrition education program.

hello. I'm Rachel.


Initial Appointment: $175 I 60 Min.
Follow-up Appointment: $135 I 50 Min.


Initial Appointment: $175 I 60 Minutes
Follow-up Appointment: $135 I 50 Minutes

Rachel is highly regarded in her industry, and was even selected by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a spokesperson. Her best trait is her enthusiasm. Rachel is never judgmental and treats every client as an individual. She is an unbiased, objective, and compassionate listener. Rachel mentors students in her field to pass that wisdom along.

Rachel helps our clients understand that healthy eating does not require a starvation diet. She helps them learn to make healthy choices, enjoy mealtime, and get back on the path to health. 

I believe nutrition should be attainable and realistic. 

Rachel's Philosophy