my philosphy

I am a psychotherapist and hold a master’s degree in Professional Counseling and have been in practice over 12+ years. I am passionate about helping women transform how they feel about themselves, their intimate relationships and living a more deeply authentic and meaningful life. 

I enjoy working with women and couples at all stages of life, and I have a particular passion for perinatal mental health, including postpartum anxiety and depression. I recognize that pregnancy and the postpartum period may not always be what we had imagined or what others have told us it should be. I understand that those expectations can lead some women to feelings of shame and guilt. I hope to work with you to overcome these obstacles and tap into your inner strength. 

hello. I'm Monica.


Couples Therapy: $250 I 90 Min.
Initial Appointment: $200 I 60 Min.
Individual Therapy: $150 I 50 Minu.


Couples Therapy: $250 I 90 Minutes
Initial Appointment: $200 I 60 Minutes
Individual Therapy: $150 I 50 Minutes

I believe in a holistic approach, treating the whole person, and throughout the process helping women to reestablish their health and wellness. I draw upon Mindfulness, Biofeedback, Nature Therapy, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. I am strongly influenced by Feminist and Strengths-Based modalities and integrate techniques from Interpersonal and Psychodynamic Therapies and Attachment Theory. 

My research and writing focuses on mental health and resilience in women, anxiety and stress, intimate relationships, and multicultural psychology. I am an active member of APA (American Psychological Association) Divisions for the Psychology of Women, Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.

You are beautiful, you are brave, you are enough.

Monica's Philosophy