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Relieving stress has emerged as an important issue to improve health and quality of life. Interest in nature-based therapy is increasing because having contact with nature can relieve stress with a positive psychophysiological effect. Many studies have reported the positive effect of natural environments. Sessions are designed to provide a natural space where you learn to acknowledge, track and center your body’s somatic awareness, cultivate presence, learn self-regulation, and practice inner cultivation. Nature therapy supports women in listening to natural wisdom and transforming their inner landscape.

A Typical Nature Therapy Session Includes:
  • Guided meditations, somatic exercises, and practices for inner cultivation.
  • Experiential, interactive, and nature-based healing approaches.
  • Process-centered space that supports and empowers you to be with what is present in your current somatic experience.
  • Tools, skills, practices and new embodiments that facilitate awareness, attunement and regulation.
  • Earth bonding and nature-healing experiences.

Nature Therapy